Kabinett Originals

As a long-time lover and stockist of vintage furniture, Kabinett’s Creative Director Melissa Macfarlane wanted to source modern pieces that could sit within the aged collection and complement its inherent beauty and appeal.

When finding contemporary treasures proved challenging, she set about creating her own. As a result, we see bespoke marble, iron and brass creations – big materials that create tension and impact – sitting side by side old timber at Kabinett, layering the story and further cementing the value of vintage in our lives.

Kabinett originals are available instore in our Kyneton shop.



Designs: Chair, Bench, Stool, Table
Material: Timber
Colours: Natural, Black


Designs: Large, Small
Material: Marble
Colours: White, Green, Pink


Designs: Chair, Wide Chair, Bench, Stool/Side Table,
Material: Powder coated Iron
Colours: White, Black


Designs: Standard, Large
Material: Marble, Timber
Colours: White top, Black or Natural Base