A store for the dedicated admirers of history, patina and the unintentional beauty created through decades of hard worn use.

A blend of old and new, found and designed, a mixing of eras.




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The Kabinett ethos revolves around curation – the act or instance of pulling together, sifting through and selecting for presentation. Our very carefully curated homewares collection encourages you to think about what resonates with you and your interiors. Furniture, artistic works, objects and ephemera all form a part of this considered process; we want you to create and enjoy a truly unique home that reflects the people within.

The Kabinett product range embodies our ethos. We covet the unique, those pieces that showcase incredible design, function, aesthetics, sensory enjoyment. We are not driven by era, trend nor mass marketing; our look is our own and we are always true to it. It’s about character over cost, and a unique and personal ambience over contrived styling. We are maximalist and we are minimalist; we embrace wabi-sabi; we love colour and we love monochrome; we see the value in texture; we think old is just as good as new. Our homes should not be generic, and so neither is our homewares offering.

The Kabinett team encompasses an incredible creative background – lighting and interior design, gallery acquisition and management, visual merchandising, international buying and collation. We work with small local studios and large-scale foreign producers to bring you an ever-changing international collection that is fresh, exciting, characterful and beautiful. Ask us for help – we know what looks good and we know what works.